Class JDBCStore

  extended byorg.apache.catalina.session.StoreBase
      extended byorg.apache.catalina.session.JDBCStore
All Implemented Interfaces:
Lifecycle, java.lang.Runnable, Store

public class JDBCStore
extends StoreBase
implements Store

Implementation of the Store interface that stores serialized session objects in a database. Sessions that are saved are still subject to being expired based on inactivity.

$Revision: 1.14 $, $Date: 2004/08/26 21:39:08 $
Bip Thelin

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String connString
          Connection string to use when connecting to the DB.
protected  java.lang.String driverName
          Driver to use.
protected static java.lang.String info
          The descriptive information about this implementation.
protected  java.sql.PreparedStatement preparedClearSql
          Variable to hold the clear() prepared statement.
protected  java.sql.PreparedStatement preparedExpiresSql
          Variable to hold the processExpires() prepared statement.
protected  java.sql.PreparedStatement preparedKeysSql
          Variable to hold the keys() prepared statement.
protected  java.sql.PreparedStatement preparedLoadSql
          Variable to hold the load() prepared statement.